10 Colors That Would Revolutionize Indian Women Ethnic Clothing In 2018

If you are still wrapping your heads around how to use Greenery-the pantone color of 2017 in ladies ethnic suit sets, kurtis and women clothing, just move on as the year has just come to an end. In fact it is the time to ponder for the year ahead and find the new color inspiration for the women’s clothing as we all know that color could make all the difference especially if you are garment manufacturer or supplier in India. While the colors on the runaways and catwalks are itself a key indicator of all the color stories to follow, it is time to know the whole color and design trends that are expected for 2018 if you are online wholesale clothing manufacturer or distributor in India. Behold: here is the forecast of colors for 2018

The metallic hues are classic and they would continue to stun the Indian wholesale women clothing online in 2018 with all their elegance, gorgeousness and charm. You should see a gradual shift or blend of metallic hues with neutral shades for more glory in ladies ethnic suit sets, kurtis and women clothing.

Intense colors or rather one should say that bright colors are way more gorgeous than pastels and it is believed that this trend would be more prominent among the ladies ethnic suit sets and kurtas manufacturer in 2018. It would be easy to find bright colors during Indian wholesale women clothing online shopping.

Believe it or not, pink will attain more power than ever before in 2018 and the various shade of pink would be used by garment manufacturer or supplier in India as they are nothing less than stunning and everyone loves to flaunt them. It would be advisable for ladies ethnic suit sets and kurtas manufacturer to blend subtle hues such as Hawthorne Rose and elderberry with various palettes of pink for the ultimate appearance of ladies ethnic suit sets, kurtis and women clothing.

Pantone color of the year 2017-Greenery was definitely enchanting and you really can’t ignore it completely so a gradual shift would be taken towards vegetal colors like celery and you would see a combination of this with eggshell blue and berry-infused purples when it comes to ladies ethnic suit sets, kurtis and women clothing, All the garment manufacturer or supplier in India would like to add their own permutations and combinations with vegetal shades for unique and charming Indian ethnic outfits.

We have already stated that in 2018, bright colors would be prominent Garment manufacturer or supplier in India and we all know that bright colors imply playfulness and charm. So, what could be more playful than minions? Lime Popsicle, bright yellow, and all other fun colors inspired by minions will rule the ladies ethnic suit sets, kurtis and women clothing in 2018.

Not just the serenity blue or the navy blue, all shades of blue are equally enticing and it is one of the most widely used colors by ladies ethnic suit sets and kurtas manufacturer. In 2018, this color would blend with orange for an ultimate color combo that no one can avoid looking at. This combination of warm and cool tones has all the caliber in this world to impart amazing charm to ladies ethnic suit sets, kurtis and women clothing.

Earthy hues has something so appealing about them that you embrace them immediately and this year, the earthy hues would be dominant in Indian wholesale women clothing online market.  Of all the earthy hues, blend of rosy tones with cornsilk yellow would be most adored as it alluring as hell.


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