5 Facts About the Best of Jaipuri Printed Kurtis

We all love jaipuri cotton kurtis just as much as we do kurtas. And who doesn’t? In fact, for some of us the difference is relatively not well defined or understood these days and therefore run into confusion on what to buy and why. But, with the best of jaipuri kurti manufacturers designs and styles, there is hardly room for any more confusion as the premium looks are enough to make every woman fall for their enticing, charming and refreshing looks. Generally, in modern understanding, kurtis have a more defined form of fit than kurtas. They are also very versatile pieces of traditional clothing that can be worn on any season or occasion.

Today kurtis are largely preferred by all women of all age groups (professional or homemakers) because of their stylishness (lots of colors and design themes), flexibility and comfort. Kurtis traditionally are usually worn with a churidar or salwar but toady they can also be worn with lots of other options including; palazzos, jeans, leggings or pants. They are the new fashion an style sensation for the young generation. But what sets the Jaipur kurtis wholesale on a higher and different plane in terms of their factual design parameters. Below are a few.

Ethnic Hand Block Inspired Prints

The hand block method of creating amazing designs and prints is age-old. There are several reasons why it still practiced to date but primarily is its timeless art and craft. For example in Rajasthan and particularly Jaipur, Sanganeri and Bagru prints are prominent. There are also other national famous prints styles. Be it designs of inspirations like flowers, fruits like bananas, dates, grapes, apples, pomegranate mangos, pineapples etc. these have all been designed and represented in very attractive colors combinations. There are other ancient art inspirations on hand blocks of prominent historical carvings and animals and birds like parrots, fish, elephants, horses, camels, peacocks and human figures which are all among other beautiful art forms applied today. They can be seen on products like bed sheets, curtains, bedcovers, tablecloths and the fancy kurtis etc.

Indian Traditional and Abstract Embroidery

Indian embroidery is rich in both natural and abstract themes. Be it nature inspired geographical features and other elements that enrich the vast artistic creations. There are several types and styles to Indian embroidery in Jaipur kurtis ranging from Gotta Patti, Zadozi, Shisha, Chikan, Phulkari, Gotta and many other ways of highlighting the beauty of the ethnic wears and fabrics. Embroidery also involves the use of colorful threads and on bright backgrounds to create impressive design effect and appearance.

Indo Western Fusion of Design Themes

Wholesale designer kurtis have now imbibed the art of style fusion mixing Indian and western design into a brand new identity of indo western fashion art and style form. Kurtis are the finest canvass as they showcase the Indian and western design sensibility very well. From basic appearance and design to the last bit of styling and designing in indo western kurtis design and styling the kurtis present a contemporary mixture of both Indian and western style tastes. This includes aspects likes sleeves, necklines, overall styling and cutting to present brand new looks.

Expansive Color and Texture Palette

Endowing better appeal and depth in options is the rich variance in color choices for women deciding to buy Jaipur kurtis online. They have a maximum and rich depth of color choices from the premium to the most versatile color combinations. All these tend to gel well with western design sensibility clothing or attire. From red, yellow, black, green, indigo, blue, white, orange, purple, cream, peach to all the hues that complete the kaleidoscope. They are fully complementary and enriching to the best attires possible.

Premium Quality Kurti Fabrics

What’s notable when searching for the best of designer kurtis in Jaipur is the elegance and epitome of a rich feel when touched and felt. But besides the feeling, there are precise fabrics demarcations and notes on the type used and the extent of better kurti styling.

You can make a unique and perfectly distinguishing style statement with Jaipuri kurtis online as they unleash a whole style persona and perspective through refreshing textures, prints and amazing vibrant colors.


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