8 Fabulous Attributes of Jaipuri Kurtis Styles and Designs

To most stylish women today, Jaipuri kurtis are well-known and indeed form large part of their dress wardrobes as they can be styled in so many ways and fashions. And therefore searching for the best Jaipuri kurtis online has become a major part of their time trying to fill their closest with resonant ethnic yet modern styles and designs. These kurtis famous for a number of several design themes that carry forward the passionate ethnic look without any doubt and are of course the best style investment for any Indian woman who values her roots and cultural background. It is not just the desi woman but also for the global; rangers looking for fashion inspirations from across the world.

Colours (Shades and Tones)

It looks like the most expressive and eloquent theme and attribute about the modern day kurti is the vibrant and resonant colors that equally express the variety of colors common in Indian fabrics and dress designs. From  orange, red, beige, blue, indigo, violet, green, white, black, pink etc, it common to see and find an array of mixed colour kurtis filled with the essence of natural dyes, shades, tones and textures pleasant which are just enticing and fascinating to the naked eye as well as to ones dress sense. This is what makes them more than anything else attractive to look at and above all to choose and add to your wardrobe. They bring a whole new fresh feeling and look to wearer’s appearance.


For the wholesalers of kurtis in Jaipur there is an importance to crafting magnificent kurtis with the best quality fabrics available in the market for an enhanced look and comfort. They are crafted to provide the women an impressively level of comfort that even as the summer heat rages on there is absolute ease and feeling owing to the fabrics levels of breathability and absorbency. The tones vary from different ply and level of weave in cotton, jute, rayon and linen which makes the kurtis extremely comfortable for any season. They are easily adaptable for various functions and occasions.


Prints are the remarkable inspirations on the fabrics that bring out some style and design. They are either inspired by cultural events, traditional values or by nature itself. There are several of these motifs (be it patterns, images, shapes, ornamentations or decorations) that are just awesome to look at and marvel at the sheer brilliance of concepts or creative skill of the artists and crafters. They can be made with skillful wooden hand block prints, screen prints or modern 3D inspired prints. There is still excellence in creativity and finishing.


Embroidery is an ancient art form in Indian fabrics and traditional ethnic attires and dress manufacture. It spans a lot of ancient designs like Zadossi, Gotta, Gotta Patti, Kashmiri, Kutchi, cut work and other prominent traditional Rajasthani themes inspired embroidery patterns. There are several ways to make these kurtis look glamorous and unique in their own design.


Unique kurti textures are unmistakable and add visible designs to the fabrics that make special look and appeal. Kurti in inspired color flavors and designs will effortlessly carry a royal feel as the textures are rich and vibrant. Textures are also inspired by the quality of fabrics and the theme of the overall design.


Be it plain, single colour or multiple colours the kurtis have an aesthetic sense of finishing that adds perfect silhouette to the wearer’s appearance. Additions of elements like lace, piping, tassels, pleat designs, perfectly stitched hems and cuffs brings an eclectic sense of finishing. For most Jaipuri finishing quality stitch is the hallmark of perfection and being rooted in high end styling.

Cuts and Designs

Be it long or short kurtis, they all have unique cut and design inspirations. Cuts emphasize the nature of final design be A-line cuts, C-cuts, Asymmetrical, Wrap, Angrakha and as many traditional / ethnic inspired cuts. There is an ever evolving design in the world of Jaipuri Kurtis that offers tremendous closet refreshment to the woman of today.

With these few style and design attributes on the most versatile and impressively wholesale kurtis, staying cool and comfortable is always choice about personal tastes and preferences. Get the best that fit and flow with your own style rhythm from the best of Jaipur Kurtis today. Make dressing with impeccable finesse in stylish kurtis a part of your distinct personality.


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