9 Wholesale Garment Trends That Will Say Goodbye In 2018

From bright and bold prints to honeysuckle hues, the wholesale Indian clothing suppliers and manufacturers witnessed a whole bunch of trends that ruled the fashion industry in 2017. While people often say that fashion goes in cycles, the fashion fads really fade quick in a very short span of time and every year a new fashion rule book comes into place especially for the fashion in wholesale ethnic suits, kurtis and Indo western dresses.

We at Missprint always try to assure that we give you the best of fashion news, updates and gossips to keep you ahead of the fashion curve and we have already told you about the colors that will be hot in 2018 This time, we have tried to decode all the trends that will say goodbye from women ethnic garment manufacturing industry leaving space for the new trends to emerge in 2018. We don’t insist to follow these faithfully but, they will surely help if you are one of the wholesale Indian clothing suppliers and manufacturers in India.

Mishmash of textures and prints was huge in 2017 and it seriously became a fashion rage but, it is time to almost say goodbye to this trend. ALMOST states that it is not going to disappear completely but, women ethnic garment manufacturing industry will use only few prints and patterns that too in a minimalistic manner possible.

When it comes to wholesale ethnic suits, kurtis and Indo western dresses colors make a whole lot of impact. The pastels were pretty popular in 2017. All these shades are expected to take a backseat this year and metallic hues and bright shades would become dominant.

It’s time to bid adieu to graphic prints and funny prints on tees. We know that you seriously love it even we do but, they would be replaced with meaningful prints. Frivolous phrases would become outdated for sure.

Wholesale Indian clothing suppliers and manufacturers have dealt  a lot with corset belts, skin tight dresses, ripped jeans and leggings in last few years but, this upcoming year classic clothes will substitute all of them.

Faux fur was one of the trendiest things not only in women ethnic garment manufacturing industry but, almost everywhere. This year, it would be a thing of past and textile accessories would replace this trend completely.

The whole fashion industry in 2018 will focus more on creating comfortable clothing and comfortable shoes TOO!  The squeeze the toes types’ footwear along with all the uncomfortable shoes are going to sink into oblivion.  In their place, we would have more stylish yet comfortable shoes in fashion.

The popular trend of 70’s, layered chokers and necklaces resurfaced in 2017 with a bang and everyone endorsed it with love but, enough of these now and let’s say good bye to them this year. It’s time to welcome Statement necklaces, gold chains and pearls in 2018, which look absolutely gorgeous with wholesale ethnic suits, kurtis and Indo western dresses.

Bare shoulders were popular really popular in 2017 but, retro changes of 80’s are going to replace them completely. Women ethnic garment manufacturing industry will manufacture dresses with open sides and backs but, bare shoulders would no longer be seen this year.

When pom poms saw the light of the day, they instantly became the talk of the town and everyone including wholesale Indian clothing suppliers and manufacturers used them immensely.  The excessive use of this trending item has made it outdated and it would be no longer seen in 2018.


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