“We are the perpetual innovators”

We at Maaya International are known in the online Indian wholesale cotton garment industry as “no compromisers”, that is indeed the core principle that is engrained in our day to day working. Our R&D department is the most crucial section of our manufacturing process. There is an in-depth and an extensive method of systematized research that is undertaken to develop each and every design and the fashion spree that each of our client witness.

We prefer to call ourselves “perpetual innovators” who design each of the glamorous pieces for just the passion for fashion. This is what drives us to constantly develop new & innovative designs.

Our expert R&D department is equipped with all specialized software and technology to actualize fabulous upscale designs. This then is fabricated and replicated by our highly skilled craftsmen and industry mavens to design carefully thought out Indian and internationally acclaimed garments.

Our world class in-house teams of designers maintain a swanky edge, which we at Maaya International, leading Indian cotton kurtis exporter, believe is essential to have.

“We have high quality fashion anchors.”

Our core values of functioning at Maaya, a leading Indian cotton kurtis exporter are dualistic:-

Customer satisfaction
Impenetrable quality control
One of our prime values that we uphold here at Maaya is ‘customer satisfaction’. We do understand it is because of the trust every client has on us, that we are able to prosper. Therefore, utmost importance is given to the enquiries each of our clients has.

Feedback redressal is a crucial aspect that we undertake with our entire clientele regularly. For us customer happiness is the only stamp of prosperity we aim at. Maaya International customer service and support is available to you 24×7 for all 365 days of the year.

Any queries, small or big we are just a call buzz away.

For maintaining happy customers, Maaya, a leading Indian cotton kurtis exporter truly knows that optimized quality control is the key. Our TQM (Total Quality Management) masterminds are always at work. Being one of India’s leading online designer women fashion wholesale exporters, we are fully aware that high scale quality is the only thing in demand from the global market

We constantly strive to give customers the best products and services by using latest technologies. The company’s in-house system has been designed consciously to ensure that all production is carried out to the highest standards.

Stringent quality control parameters are implanted at every stage of manufacturing, so that Maaya International is able to produce only pristine and royal quality wholesale exporter quality production. Quality control can be seen as a “way of life” which is habitually performed in each department to ensure utmost perfection and international upscale fashion line.