Drape Your Suit Dupatta Stylishly in 10 Ways!

All the Indian traditional attires are a beautiful array of colors, styles, patterns and prints making them highly adorable and hence, Indian ethnic wear manufacturers do have huge stock of women’s Suit sets for wholesale. With these wholesale ethnic suits sets for women, something more vibrant and colorful comes in handy and we all know it as Dupatta. This extremely girlish long scarf is surely a swanky thing to transform all wholesale ethnic suit sets for women gorgeous with their various conventional draping styles. If you are in love with these Indian ethnic women suit sets and don’t know about various Dupatta draping styles, check this out.

Belt it up

Ladies Indian Ethnic Suit sets Wholesale Dealers have already started to incorporate waist belts with wholesale ethnic ladies suit sets for this unique Dupatta draping style. To rock this style, one has to wear the neatly pleated dupatta on one shoulder and then, add a belt on the waist.

Your own style

Without much hustle and bustle, this dupatta draping style is widely popular and prominent for all kind of wholesale Women’s Suit sets. There is nothing much you need to do for this style, simply leave your dupatta flowing on any one side of your shoulder and that’s it.

The free fall!

Easy and convenient, this style of Dupatta draping goes good with every wholesale ethnic suit sets for women and you can carry it as an everyday style. In this style, dupatta without any crease of pleats fall freely from both the sides of shoulder.

Diva drape!

If you want to achieve a classy and elegant look with the dupatta of any wholesale women’s suit set, this draping style is what you are looking for. In this style of draping, one side of the dupatta goes over the shoulder and the other end is rolled over the other hand’s wrist. It helps anyone to flaunt the neckline of your women suit sets.

Get traditional

If you are from India then, you must have seen this dupatta draping style for sure. This style is popular with all the Indian traditional wear but, if you are tempted with wholesale women’s suit sets online and buy some of them, you can also try this draping style as it archaic still very much in demand. For this, you have to turn the dupatta around your head so that it covers it and the remaining will fall freely on your shoulder.

Pleat it on one side!

It is classy and elegant draping style and Ladies Indian Ethnic Suit sets Wholesale Dealer mostly use this style on their advertisements. For this style, one can make small pleats of the dupatta and place it on one shoulder. It could be placed firmly with the help of a safety pin or brooch.

Causal is trendy

Mess-free and casually cool look could be easily achieved by simply throwing the dupatta over both the shoulders. For all the easiness and comfort, it is popular among all the women who love wholesale ethnic suit sets for women. There is no need to pin up the dupatta and no need to waste time on draping when you carry the dupatta in this style.

Around the arms

If you are looking for something regal and distinguished when it comes to dupatta draping, this style is what you are looking for. Goes good with all the wholesale women’s suit set, this style adds a royal touch to your posture. For this style, one has to throw the dupatta from the back of the arms in place of shoulders. It cannot be taken as regular draping style unless and until you are a true diva.

Wrap the neck

This is yet another chic and casual way of draping the dupatta for everyday fashion style. For this you can wrap the dupatta around your neck in u-shape or V-shape and make this style an awesome fashion and style statement. It is an ideal style for all wholesale women’s suit set and all the Ladies Indian Ethnic Suit sets Wholesale Dealer suggest this style especially for winters.

The Rajrani style

It is the royal draping style for your wholesale ethnic suit sets for women and it was used by the women of the royal family that’s why it is popularly known as rajrani style. It goes well with women clothing of heavy work and texture. It is an absolutely elegant and elaborate style giving you unique charm for special occasions.

We are sure that you must have liked these dupatta draping styles for women’s suit set and would love to try these too. If you have a unique style of draping dupatta, do share with us.


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