International Women Wear Export Project


One of our European clients required a massive order of international women wear. In addition, there was a client specific requirement of the kind of fabric that was to be dyed with a very particular sort of shades required a per the target audience demands of our client.


The production process deployed at Maaya International, in order to deliver the required product line to the client is as follows:-

  • An informative session is planned with client to understand in-depth requirement of the client.
  • The Research and Development Department and the In House experts are given them to create and visualize the sorts of garments indo western wear to be designed.
  • The precise fabric kind as demanded by the client is sourced from different available producers
  • Sampling of the same is done, so that approval can be taken from the client
  • The management team is allotted the task of finalizing the adequate duration of time and number of man hours required to deliver the product on time to the customer
  • Uniform and priority time and manpower with proper technical support is devoted for proper deliverance of the produce.
  • On the other hand, our in-house expert designers are allotted the task of creating some upscale posh fashion pieces to be sent for approval to the client.
  • Time management and the specialized craftsmen are segregated to be utilized for the delivery of the order.
  • The in- house designers are allotted the samples images or kind of outfits, required for finalization by the client.


Maaya International adopted the following methods and processes to deliver the final outcome to the client:-

  • Firstly, after the segregation and finalization of the particular fabric required by the client. The specific quality fabric samples along with the stylized pieces are sent to them for primary approval.
  • After receiving the approval from the client, the bitloom is also tested by Maaya’s in-house fabric experts on the quality.
  • It is only after very strict quality check process, that the fabric will go for the first stage of sample dyeing.
  • A sample hand block printing catalogue is sent to the client, for selection of the prints by them.
  • Sample varieties of printing processes employed; pigment printing, rapid printing and discharge printing to let the client select and shortlist as per their requirement.
  • The sample fabric or the lab dip is created with the proper color shade, which is then send back to the client pre- production to get the final approval.
  • After the fabric approval the finished fit sample indo western pieces are manufactured for a strike off from the client.
  • At the same time, the lab dip also goes for an in-house testing to check for the durability and the color fastness, grip and shrinkage through multiple quality check levels.
  • After receiving the nod from the client and the testing department, the mass manufacturing process is commenced.
  • The approved international dress style is then manufactured; it is processed with the last and final quality check before dispatching it to the client.
  • The international women wear export project is then packed ready to be shipped to the client as per the designated deadline discussed with the client.


The final outcome after the successful completion of the project was immense gratification and appreciation from the client. We were also recommended and received further orders from this client.


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