Reduce Out of Stock Situations in Your Boutique with Our Pro Tips!

Are you into the retail clothing business? If yes then, you must be aware of the worst situation of this business popularly known as ‘Out Of Stock’. The ‘out of stock’ refers to the condition when the retailer runs out of inventory, which is apparently caused due to various reasons. However, the two primary reasons for this are: either your garment manufacturer or wholesaler is not supplying the stocks on time or you are not investing in wholesale clothing on time. In any case, this situation strikes a huge blow to the customer brand relationship and the retailer’s cash flow. If you don’t want to encounter this situation in your business, here are some pro tips that will help you.

Look for a reliable wholesaler

Eliminating one of the primary causes, you should ascertain that you have chosen the right garment manufacturer or wholesaler in India. One who you can rely on like Maayainternational the trustworthy women clothing manufacturer and wholesaler!

Use traditional approach

With advancement in technology, everyone is shifting towards new method to keep a track of the stock. However, a traditional manual audit of the store is never a bad idea to avoid OOS situation. With a right frequency and timing of this manual audit, you would be able to recognize the gap between the shelves and thus, reduce the out of stock situation.

Take help of RFID technology

Since, you are into retail clothing business, you must be very well aware of the radio frequency tags that helps to keep a track of the inventory. With the help of this you would easily gauge when your inventory will run out of stock and hence you can order women’s wholesale kurtis, dresses, tops and more from your wholesaler.

Check the product not shipped during your last order

It has been often seen that some of the wholesale suppliers of women’s clothing in India does not ship all the products that you have ordered. Matching the ordered list with supplied product list may help you to find what needs to be ordered to avoid Out of stock situation.

Point of sale data technique is helpful

If you are in the business, you could easily understand the historical data of the sale. Just keep a check of the data and match the latency period between the sale to understand if any product may run out of stock or not.

Pre-orders is a good idea

If you are good retailer, you would definitely have some regular customers and it is good if you have. Ask your customers to notify about their requirements beforehand. This will help you to place your wholesale women apparel order from your wholesale apparel supplier or distributor on time.

Notify your regular customers

This tip will increase customer-brand relationship in place of reducing the ‘Out of stock’ situation. Once, a product is going out of stock and if you feel that it matches the preferred choices and shopping frequency of your regular customers, inform your customer. You can also check your customer next shopping plan with this tip.

Keep stocks of In-demand wholesale apparel

You can easily judge about the hottest trends in women clothing since, you are retailer. It is always advisable to keep stocks of all those wholesale women clothing which are popular in the season.

Follow these tips vigorously and your retail clothing shop will never encounter Out of stock situation. If still they occur, the best backup plans suggest you to notify your customer on time and offering an alternative for the same.

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